The Passion

The trading passion of the Karji family was initiated by the late Abdulla Karji (1910 - 1970) in the Arab Peninsula. Abdulla Karji was a captain of his own dhow whereby he used to travel between Dubai, Persia, Africa and India to transport building materials, food commodities, Oud and essential oils. As time passed, around the 1970’s the sons developed this trade into companies. focusing on trading of building materials and food commodities. However, the perfume passion re-emerged with the new generation in the form of fashion European perfumes.

The Company

'The first Karji Store opened In 1999 and today with more than twenty branches throughout the United Arab Emirates, we believe that our reach is considerable as a representative of fine perfumes, cosmetics, and fashion accessories. We are proud to be defined by exceptional quality, outstanding Individual service and the ability to deliver the finest and latest products to our customers. Our aim is to become most reputable and valued name in perfumes, beauty and elegance.'

The Concept

Karji’s reputation is built from customer satisfaction and loyalty, through providing a personal boutique service to our customers Moreover we believe in choosing the most accessible locations meaning that we are to be found in a number of the more prominent shopping districts in the Emirates.