Lord line and shade eye pencil flash purple

Brand : Lord & Berry

SKU : 202565

AED 85.00

A high gloss eye pencil. as the most desireable of eye pencils, polish is a true indulgence: soft, smooth and sexy. its glossy properties enable it to glide onto eyes, leaving a light-reflecting finish resembling a high-shine liquid eyeliner while maintaining the smudgeability and easy application of a pencil. smudge it immediately for a soft focus look around the eye.

A High Gloss Eye Pencil. As The Most Desireable Of Eye Pencils, POLISH Is A True Indulgence: Soft, Smooth And Sexy. Its Glossy Properties Enable It To Glide Onto Eyes, Leaving A Light-reflecting Finish Resembling A High-shine Liquid Eyeliner While Maintaining The Smudgeability And Easy Application Of A Pencil. Smudge It Immediately For A Soft Focus Look Around The Eye.