Sans aqua benefits moist 24h creme gel 50ml

Brand : Sans Soucis

SKU : 203011


Moisturizing 24h crã¨me-gel with hyaluronic acid and algae extract. the light, oilfree formulation is particularly suited for normal and combination skin. it protects skin and helps to counter dryness lines and wrinkles. skin’s moisture balance is improved leaving the complexion looking fresher and smoother. skin is optimally hydrated and appears more even.

Moisturizing 24h Crème-Gel With Hyaluronic Acid And Algae Extract. The Light, Oilfree Formulation Is Particularly Suited For Normal And Combination Skin. It Protects Skin And Helps To Counter Dryness Lines And Wrinkles. Skin’s Moisture Balance Is Improved Leaving The Complexion Looking Fresher And Smoother. Skin Is Optimally Hydrated And Appears More Even.
Size 50ml