Sans perfect lips every day 31 pink fuchsia 4g

Brand : Sans Soucis

SKU : 203045

AED 80.00

Sans soucis has the right products for skin care and the beauty of your lips. divided in four color families and composed according to the color-harmony principle, everybody finds the matching color shade among brown, red, pink and nude color nuances. the gently melting texture has long stay-on properties and a high color brilliance. our lipsticks protect against harmful environmental influences and moisture loss.

SANS SOUCIS Has The Right Products For Skin Care And The Beauty Of Your Lips. Divided In Four Color Families And Composed According To The Color-harmony Principle, Everybody Finds The Matching Color Shade Among Brown, Red, Pink And Nude Color Nuances. The Gently Melting Texture Has Long Stay-on Properties And A High Color Brilliance. Our Lipsticks Protect Against Harmful Environmental Influences And Moisture Loss.
Product Weight 4gm