Sans eye shadow 52 dramatic mauve 0.75g

Brand : Sans Soucis

SKU : 202982

AED 33.00

In order to give more expression and shine to the color of eyes, the products from sans soucis follow the principle of the complementary color contrast. blue eyes, for instance, reach a particular radiance with nuances like brown, gold and terracotta shades. taupe, mauve and violet nuances makes green eyes shine. and brown sparkle thanks to blue, green and berry shades.

In Order To Give More Expression And Shine To The Color Of Eyes, The Products From SANS SOUCIS Follow The Principle Of The Complementary Color Contrast. Blue Eyes, For Instance, Reach A Particular Radiance With Nuances Like Brown, Gold And Terracotta Shades. Taupe, Mauve And Violet Nuances Makes Green Eyes Shine. And Brown Sparkle Thanks To Blue, Green And Berry Shades.
Product Weight 0.75gm